COVID-19 Prevention & Response Plan


COVID-19 Task Force

Mike Brody
Vice President for Student Life, co-chair 

Hugh Porter
Vice President for College Relations, co-chair


Cindy Anderson
Interim Dean of Students

Carrie Baldwin-Sayre
Associate Dean of Students for Health & Wellbeing

Kenneth Dale
District Manager, Bon Appétit

Gary Granger
Director of Community Safety

Mandy Heaton
Executive Director of Public Affairs and Conference & Events Planning

Britt Hoover
Assistant Dean, Student Support

Mary James
Dean for Institutional Diversity

Julie Maxfield
Associate Dean, Academic Life

Kevin Myers
Director of Communications

Nigel Nicholson
Dean of the Faculty

Martin Ringle
Chief Information Officer

Timmie Rochon
Medical Services Director

April Sams
Director of Risk Management and Environmental Health and Safety

Amy Schuckman
Associate Dean for Student & Campus Life

Matt Talavera
General Manager, Bon Appétit

Dawn Thompson
Executive Assistant to the President

Milyon Trulove
Vice President and Dean of Admission and Financial Aid

Rob Tust
Associate Treasurer and Controller

Michelle Valintis
Director of Human Resources

Steve Yeadon
Director of Facilities Operations