COVID-19 Prevention & Response Plan

Daily Health Check

Reed uses a digital, confidential Daily Health Check that asks a few short questions about COVID-19 symptoms and risk factors. Once the check is completed, the participant receives either a green "go" message and email or a red "stop" message and email. If the participant receives a "go" message, they are cleared to access Reed's buildings and grounds.


The Daily Health Check is sent to all students each morning via email. All students should begin completing the Daily Health Check two weeks prior to their arrival to campus, and should continue to complete it each day before coming to campus or leaving their residence hall room. If a stop message is received, students should not come to campus or leave their residence hall room until cleared to do so by the Health and Counseling Center (HCC).


At this time, faculty and staff are not required to complete the Daily Health Check. 

Guests in the HCC

The Daily Health Check is also required for all individuals before entering the Health & Counseling Center (HCC). As needed, staff, faculty, and visitors should complete the online Daily Health Check and obtain a “GO” message prior to entering the HCC. If a “STOP” message is received, please contact your supervisor.

Vendors, Contractors, and Other Visitors

Vendors and approved visitors are required to complete the Daily Health Check before they access the Reed campus. The inviting faculty or staff member is responsible for providing their guests with a link to the Daily Health Check and asking them to complete it before they arrive. Individuals who receive a STOP message on this Daily Health Check are not permitted to come to campus, and are instructed to reach out to their point of contact at Reed.


Health and Counseling Center

COVID-19 Risk Assessment Group