COVID-19 Prevention & Response Plan

College Operations Safety Measures

Reed has implemented measures to limit the spread of the coronavirus on campus. These measures include stringent cleaning protocols, reconfigured seating in classrooms, and modified operations for campus services.

Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection

Cleaning Protocol

The college is following CDC guidance on the disinfection of public spaces. To limit transmission of the virus from surfaces, Reed has increased cleaning and disinfecting cycles for restrooms, shared spaces, and high-touch surfaces. The cleaning schedule of classrooms is based on the academic schedule.

Air Quality and Mechanical Management

Reed is optimizing each building's outside air and exhaust systems to ensure the highest possible air quality. Some buildings have no mechanical ventilation capabilities and will require manual operations of operable windows for increased ventilation. In all cases, Reed is instructing community members to open windows where possible to reduce recirculation of air and transmission of airborne pathogens.

Programmable building controls are being optimized to increase run times and nighttime flush capabilities to flush buildings effectively while they are unoccupied.

Reed is increasing filter replacement frequency to a three-month cycle and using MERV-13 filter media along with ASHRAE standards for air handler filtration.

Because temporary shutdowns and a reduction in normal water use can create hazards, Reed is flushing water systems to ensure potable water quality.

All high-touch drinking fountains have been turned off, but the touchless bottle fillers remain active.

Hand Sanitizer and Personal Cleaning Products

Reed is providing alcohol-based hand sanitizer at hand sanitizing stations at all main entrances to buildings as well as in other high traffic locations. The college is also providing sanitizing supplies for personal hygiene in classrooms, offices, computer labs, and residence halls.

If you plan to purchase your own hand sanitizer, make sure it is an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60% ethanol or 70% isopropanol. All other alcohols (such as methanol) have the potential to contain carcinogenic properties.

If you plan to purchase your own cleaning products, make sure the active ingredients are EPA approved to fight COVID-19. Per OSHA, containers must be labeled with manufacturer information such as hazard classification.

Updated: July 23, 2020, at 12:15 p.m.

Enter/Exit Control

Entry to most college facilities will be controlled by electronic card access systems at all times. Where doors are not physically locked, posted entry restrictions must be observed, and the area presumed to be closed to the public.


Reed College Community Safety
28 West

Social-Distancing Room Capacities and Diagrams

Following guidelines from the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) and the Higher Education Coordinating Commission, Reed is

  • establishing a minimum of 35 square feet per person when determining room capacity, calculated based only on usable classroom space;
  • modifying the physical layout of classrooms to maintain at least six feet of distance between people (this may include changes to traffic flow, desk or chair arrangements, or maximum capacity);
  • creating new covered outdoor spaces for teaching, dining, and socializing;
  • utilizing diagrams, markings, and signs to indicate social-distancing requirements.

Social-distancing room capacities and diagrams are available through Conference and Events Planning.


Conference and Events Planning
Greenwood Building

Campus Safety Signage

The college has developed campus signage. Signs will be posted around campus by August 3, 2020, to promote essential public health practices, including safe traffic flow around campus (e.g., identifying one-way hallways), proper hand hygiene, and social-distancing protocols. Customized signs can be ordered through public affairs by submitting a creative project intake form (timelines vary).


Facilities Services
Physical Plant

Dining Services

Dining services at Reed will follow Multnomah County phase status and Oregon Health Authority guidelines for food services and restaurants. All dining services staff will be monitored for health status and use of protective gear before each shift. Access to food service venues, method of service, and interior and exterior guest seating availability will be adjusted as necessary based on local and state monitoring of public health.

Wellness Meals

Commons meals will be available for delivery to students who are self-isolating on campus.


To help meet physical-distancing requirements and quick service, Commons will implement app-based food ordering to allow for students, faculty, and staff to preorder and pick up meals. More information on the app will be available in August. 


Bon Appétit at Reed College 
Gray Campus Center

Eric V. Hauser Library and Performing Arts Resource Center

The library and the Performing Arts Resource Center (PARC) will open for the fall semester. Operations will be modified to align with public health measures, including a reduction in seating to encourage physical distancing and discourage group gatherings. Extra sanitation measures will also be in place.

Remote Services

For students, faculty, and staff who do not wish to visit in person, the library offers remote services, including online requests for materials or digitization of articles and chapters. Ask a Librarian is an easy way to access support for coursework research, collections, and services online.


Dena Hutto
Norman F. Carrigg College Librarian

Mail Services

Mail services, located in Gray Campus Center, is open. Operations are modified in accordance with public health guidelines, and staffing and delivery/pick-up processes are limited as a result.

Hours of Operation

Current hours are listed on the mail services website; hours of operation will increase when the community returns to campus in the fall.

Sending Packages to Campus

All new and returning students are asked to hold off on sending packages to Reed until two weeks before their move-in date.

Faculty and Staff
Due to current limited operations, faculty and staff are asked to refrain from having personal packages sent to the college.

Picking Up Packages

To reduce traffic at the window, community members are asked to wait until they receive a package delivery notice by email from mail services before picking up packages.


Sue Zipperer
Mail Services Manager
Gray Campus Center 


The Reed bookstore will reopen in mid-August with public health measures in place. Currently, operations are modified, and services are available to students, faculty, and staff by appointment only. To schedule an appointment, email the bookstore.

Ordering Textbooks

All fall 2020 required textbooks are available through the bookstore. In an effort to decrease foot traffic in the store, all textbook purchases must be made online. Orders can be picked up in the store or shipped for a fee.


Reed Bookstore
Gray Campus Center

Sports Center

Due to public health regulations, Athletics, Fitness & Outdoor Programs (AFOP) is currently closed. More information about AFOP activities and operations will be communicated in July and August.


Michael Lombardo
Director of Athletics, Fitness & Outdoor Programs
Sports Center