Community Safety

Division of Student Life

September 14, 2020

Dear students, faculty, and staff: 

Although there is no current threat of wildfires in Multnomah county, and the air quality has been improving, it still remains in the hazardous range in Portland. Therefore, the college will continue to curtail operations on Tuesday, September 15.  

Summary of curtailed operations on Tuesday, September 15

  • All classes will be held online.
  • COVID-19 surveillance testing on campus is canceled for Tuesday.
  • To the extent possible, staff and faculty will work from home and not travel to campus.
  • To the extent possible, student work shifts will be canceled, postponed, or carried out remotely.
  • Commons will remain fully open for food service.
  • The library is closed, but the lobby is open. Online services are available.

Resources about wildfire smoke and public health

We remind you there is helpful information here about how to protect yourself from wildfire smoke. There are also excellent resources on the American Lung Association website here

For students living on campus: 

  • At this time, wellness meal delivery is available only to on-campus students who are under instruction to quarantine. All other students are asked to order and pickup meals from commons if they do not wish to eat in commons.
  • Students with pre-existing respiratory conditions that necessitate an N-95 mask should follow the guidance sent to on-campus students on September 12.  
  • The airflow coming into buildings through the HVAC systems is being filtered. Do not block any air vents in your rooms.
  • Keep doors and windows closed.   
  • When entering buildings with foyers, be sure the exterior doors are closed before opening the interior doors. This will help keep the smoke outside. 

Healthcare needs

  • All students have access to Health and Counseling Center services Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 
  • Students who have medical concerns after hours should contact FoneMed Nurse Advice Line at 800-214-4469. 
  • Students with mental health concerns after hours should call the Reed Counseling Hotline at 866-432-1224.
  • Students who live on campus who feel that their healthcare needs are acute enough to receive urgent medical attention should contact Community Safety by phone: 503-517-5355 or text: 503-849-8678

Questions about air quality

  • Students: Student Life is available to assist with general questions.
  • Staff: If you do not know if you are required to come to campus to work tomorrow, please contact your supervisor. You may direct questions about air quality and safety to your supervisor and Environmental Health and Safety.
  • Faculty: If you have a specific need related to air quality affecting your work on campus, please contact the dean of the faculty’s office.

When will you hear from us next? Because air quality continues to fluctuate, we will communicate tomorrow around 6 p.m. regarding campus operations on Wednesday.

Please look out for each other during these difficult days. We look forward to the time when we can communicate the good news that the smoke has improved and we can resume regular operations.

All our best,
Gary Granger

Director of Community Safety
Emergency Response Team (ERT)

P. S. We are keeping track of all of our communications to the community here. A link to this page is also posted on’s homepage.