Community Safety

Division of Student Life

CSO Trading Card Contest!


Every year Community Safety publishes new CSO trading cards for each Community Safety staff member. And every year we hold a contest with prizes awarded for the first students to show Gary that they have collected all of the current cards! You get to know us, we get to know you, but mostly you get something cool out of it!


We've already had our grand prize winners, but you can still bring your complete CSO trading card set to Community Safety for a $20 Reed bookstore credit!

This year, the grand prizes were JUDY Mover Max emergency preparedness kits and Reed branded Benchmade knives!

  JUDY Mover Max bagJUDY Mover Max contents

benchmade knives small and large


How do you win your $20 bookstore credit? You'll have to track down each one of these Community Safety cards. Some of these Community Safety staff only work days, some only work evenings, and some only work through the dead of night! Some of these people you'll find around campus, others you'll find at 28 West. Once you've collected them all, take your complete set to Gary Granger for your prize!

 CSO cards photo