Community Safety

Division of Student Life

2022-23 CSO Trading Card Contest!


Every year Community Safety publishes new CSO trading cards for each Community Safety staff member. And every year we hold a contest with prizes awarded for the first students to show Gary that they have collected all of the current cards! You get to know us, we get to know you, but mostly you get something cool out of it!


Look at the awesome prizes you can choose from this year, but you'd better work fast because these prizes are limited!

Choose from Community Safety inscribed Benchmade knives and Leatherman multitools, or Welly first aid kits. 

  trading card prizesclose up of knives and multitool


Here is the current full set of cards you are working to collect: 

CS trading cards as of 2022 08 18


Here's a starting tip to help you on your way: some CSOs only work early mornings to early afternoons, others only work afternoons to evening, and yet others only work at night. Some you will find patrolling about campus, and some work strictly at the 28 West building. Good luck and have fun!