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Subscribe to an RSS Feed (Huh?)

Want a really easy way to keep abreast of the latest Tech Tips, articles on your favorite news site, or posts on your favorite blog?  Here's how to do so by subscribing to an RSS feed:

  1. First, you need a "feed reader." Let's use the Firefox web browser (it has a feed reader built in!).
  2. Second, you need a "feed" for your favorite frequently updated website; this icon RSS feed icon indicates your favorite site publishes an RSS feed version of itself. Let's use CIS Tech Tips as an example.
  3. Now you need to subscribe to the "feed" using your "feed reader" -- here's how:
    1. Click the RSS feed icon at the top of the Tech Tips webpage (you might want to open a second Firefox window with Tech Tips in it so you can read these instructions while you try it out).
    2. Click the Subscribe Now button on the page that appears (make sure the "Subscribe to this feed using" menu is set to "Live Bookmarks" first).
    3. Pick a convenient Bookmark Folder in which save your subscription, like in the Bookmarks Toolbar, and click Subscribe.

Done! Now sit back, relax, and enjoy easy reading of your favorite feeds:

Screenshot of expanded Live Bookmarks menu in Firefox's Bookmarks Toolbar.

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