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File handling in Moodle

Depending on what type of files you are posting in Moodle, and how you'd like students to interact with those files, you may want Moodle to handle files differently -- for example, displaying the file in the browser window, or downloading the file.

You can control these on a file­by­file basis under the "Settings" of any given file. (Edit mode on > Edit settings of file [yellow pencil icon].)

Thanks to recent Moodle upgrades, it's possible to specify how Moodle handles files on a course­by­course basis. This can be important for students who are
accessing Moodle from different types of devices.

The default setting is "Automatic," meaning that Moodle will try to determine the best way to handle the file.

If you are using mostly pdf files, we recommend "New Window" because of better file behavior on mobile devices. If your files are mostly music files (mp3's), we recommend "Embed". Video files will work best if accessed outside of Moodle. "Force download" will download the video file to the user's computer/device, and allow them to view the video using a media player on that device.

To adjust course-wide settings, navigate to your course and go to Course Settings > Edit Settings in the left sidebar.


Posted: May 2, 2014

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