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Sharing your media in Panopto

If you haven't already, you will first need to request a media library for your course or administrative office and then upload your media to Panopto. After you have uploaded media to Panopto, it will show up in your media library. If you are using the default video playlist, your media should display in this playlist. If you would like to create separate playlists for content, read the playlist help pages

To link to individual media, read below.

For information on how to download media, view the download media page.

For a Moodle course

After uploading media, you can link directly to media. Follow these instructions, or view the animation below:

  1. In Moodle, go to the “Add an activity or resource” section and choose the Panopto activity block. Click the “Select content” button.
  2. Navigate to your content, and choose the content you want to embed in your course. Click the Insert button.
  3. Click on either the “Save and return to course” or the “save and display” Moodle button.

embed media in Moodle

You can also create and link to playlists or share a sub folder in Panopto.

For a course or administrative office webpage

Note: If you are sharing your video to anyone to view, be sure to adjust the share settings. If needed, contact its@reed.edu for assistance in adjusting these share settings.

To share your media, follow these steps:

  1. Log into https://reedcollege.hosted.panopto.com/
  2. Navigate to the folder for your course.
  3. Find the media you wish to link to. Hover over the media and click on the share link.
    panopto media view
  4. You can either use the link or embed options to share your media. 
    1. Link media. Click on the “Copy Link” button, and paste the link where needed. You can also choose to start the media at a specific time by adding the appropriate start time.
      panopto share link icon crop
    2. Embed media. Click on the Embed button and then the “Copy Embed Code” button. You can also choose to start the media at a specific time by adding the appropriate start time.
      panopto embed code copy

Panopto has further help documents on how to link or embed media.