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Using the Atto text editor in Moodle

You can change your Moodle text editor, enabling you tomake short audio and video recordings in Moodle. (Please note that your text editor choice applies across all Moodle pages.) If you would like your students to be able to create audio and video recordings in the Moodle text editor, they will each have to make this change on their account.

To change your text editor, access the User menu by clicking on the arrow near your user name in the upper right of your screen. Within that menu, select Preferences.

From the User Account area, select Editor Preferences and choose Atto HTML editor. Click Save Changes.

The Atto editor will now appear anywhere you see the text editor in Moodle. Use the microphone button to make an audio recording, or the video button to make a video. (Buttons shown below) Please note that both audio and video recordings are limited to two minutes.


Remember that students must also follow these instructions to switch to the Atto text editor to create audio or video in forums or quizzes. 

Tips for using the Atto text editor

  • Forum replies use a simple text box by default. Click on Advanced to get the full text editor.
  • If you would like to accept audio or video files as part of a Moodle quiz, choose the Essay question type and make sure the Response Format (under Response Options) is set to HTML editor with file picker, not just HTML editor.