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For Faculty

Using Zoom? Please read our guidelines for securing your Zoom meetings!

Below are some resources for courses that are fully or partly online, as well as in-person courses that include digital materials and activities. In keeping with current national and local guidance, CIS staff are now working remotely whenever possible. We are available to answer questions and provide support via video chat, email, and phone; please email to request support.

Tips for managing the move online

  • Be flexible. A move from in-person teaching to online teaching can be stressful for both faculty and students. Be patient with yourself and your students.

  • Be communicative. Give students as much information about how your class will be run as you can. Keep lines of communication open, and have a way for students to give you feedback.

  • Be consistent. Choose a few technologies and modes of delivery to work with, allowing students to become familiar with your approaches and comfortable in your new classroom.

  • Be focused. Shifting online will take time and energy for you and your students. Prioritize what you need to cover.

  • Be clear about expectations and assessment. Make sure that students have an up-to-date syllabus and transparent guidelines for discussions and assignments.