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Sharing Media

To share your media with your students, contact to assist you in working with Ensemble, our media server, to upload your content. We do not recommend uploading video files to Moodle.

If you are sharing movies from dvds or another media format (cd, VHS tape), please get in contact with Jim Holmes, Director of Access Services.

Sharing media from Ensemble

Once you have uploaded your content to the Ensemble server, you need to choose how you will sharey our media. You can link to the media or embed the media elsewhere, such as Moodle or a course web page. If you will be sharing more than a single media file over the course of the term, consider creating a video playlist.

Here is an example of a link to Ensemble media: view an example video

Here is an example of embedding the same media in a web page:


Embed media in Ensemble

Embedding media will insert a media player into an area of your choosing, such as Moodle, a course website, or WordPress page. 

To embed media, follow one of these links:

Link to media in Ensemble

Read how to link to media stored in Ensemble.

Using Playlists in Ensemble

You may want to group a selection of videos into a playlist. Read more about playlists.

If you have questions about Ensemble or experience any problems, please contact .