Computing & Information Services

Strategic Goals 2020-24

Update enterprise platforms

  1. Evaluate, select, and implement new enterprise system(s) as needed.

  2. Investigate, select, and implement an enterprise integration layer tool.

  3. Expand and improve enterprise data reporting, visualization, and analysis capabilities.

Promote student access and success

  1. Provide better data resources for student success analytics.

  2. Expand student access to technology resources.

  3. Improve ADA accessibility of IT systems and resources.

  4. Evaluate and equitably distribute costs for printing and other course resources.

Expand and improve support for instruction, research, and scholarship

  1. Expand infrastructure and resources to support cloud-based technology, including computation, storage, bandwidth, and collaboration tools.

  2. Collaborate with faculty and the library to develop strategies for introducing students to new curricular technologies and resources in sustainable and scalable ways.

  3. Expand support for student research.

  4. Support implementation of an institutional repository for collecting and preserving scholarly work of students and faculty.

  5. Implement "eduroam roaming wireless" network for shared wireless access at participating colleges and other institutions worldwide.

Improve campus communication systems

  1. Enhance the user experience on by improving website design, content, and navigation.

  2. Cloud source or upgrade the campus telephone system (VoIP).

  3. Support selection and implementation of software and protocols to improve campus communications.

Document and implement IT business continuity and response (BC&R) plan

  1. Upgrade and expand cybersecurity measures.

  2. Host (or mirror) enterprise data in the cloud.

  3. Cloud source or upgrade the infrastructure that hosts the Reed web site and content management system.

  4. Deploy environmental monitoring and controls in campus machine rooms.

  5. Substantially increase Internet bandwidth.