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2000-01 CPC Sub-Committees

Laptop Policies Sub-Committee
The charge to the sub-committee is to explore laptop issues and bring recommendations to the next CPC meeting on Thursday, October 26th.

Jim Fix chair
Marianne Colgrove
Victoria Hanawalt
Anne Michelson
Peter Steinberger

1998-99 CPC Sub-Committees

Web Policy Sub-Committee
The charge to the sub-committee is to review the status and strategic objectives of the Reed Web, identify long-term issues, and - if appropriate - recommend any changes to the full CPC by March 15, 1999.

Jon Rivenburg, Chair
Dave Perkinson
Peter Parshall
Harriet Watson
Vickie Hanawalt
Marv Dunn
Martin Chan

Technology Strategic Planning Sub-Committee
The charge to the sub-committee is to review and prioritize the list of technology projects and goals to be provided by CIS March 1, 1999. The sub-committee will submit its recommendations to the full CPC for discussion and approval by April 30, 1999.  

Robert Knapp, Chair
Kim Clausing
Steve Wasserstrom
Marty Ringle

CPC Representative to the Building Committee
The CPC representative will serve as liaison with the Building Committee and keep the CPC informed of developments as they occur.

Kim Clausing

Technology Grants Sub-Committee
The Sub-Committee is responsible for receiving and reviewing applications for the 1999 Culpeper Faculty Mentorship Program. Members of the Sub-Committee will also be briefed on the status of the Mellon and Culpeper educational technology grant initiatives.

Martin Ringle, Chair
Kim Clausing
Wally Englert
Hyong Rhew
Pat Wong
Michael Hanrahan

Emeritus Faculty Support Sub-Committee
The Sub-Committee will meet during the summer and make a recommendation to the full CPC in the fall of 1999. This recommendation should take into account budget considerations, the impact on CIS staffing, and the future needs of emeritus faculty. Department heads from CIS (Marianne Colgrove, Marv Dunn, Gary Schlickeiser) and a few emeritus faculty should be give the opportunity to speak directly with the Sub-Committee.

Keith Karoly, Chair
Ed McFarlane
Peter Steinberger
CIS Staff Member, to be determined

CCPC Sub-Committees 1997-98

Web Policy Committee
A great deal of progress has been made on the Reed Web server. However, questions remain about how to insure that all academic and administrative needs will continue to be met in the long-term. The charge to the sub-committee is to review the status and strategic objectives of the Reed Web, identify long-term needs, and submit a proposal to the full CCPC regarding ways in which those needs should be met by December 1997. The CCPC will discuss and forward the proposal -- modified as necessary -- to the president's staff and CAPP by March 1998.

Jon Rivenburg, Chair
Robert Knapp
Ed Segel
Harriet Watson
Marty Ringle
Vickie Hanawalt
Marv Dunn
Kim Oldenburg

Faculty Access to Administrative Data
At the request of several faculty members, in 1995 the CCPC initiated discussion of priorities for providing faculty with access to various data from the administrative system, including class lists, departmental account information, etc. The charge of this sub-committee is to work with Administrative Computing Services (ACS) and other administrative staff to promote greater faculty access to such data. The sub-committee should provide a report of progress to the full CCPC by February 1998.  

Nora McLaughlin, Chair
Peter Parshall
Kathy Oleson
Gary Norbraten
Erik Gorka

Classroom Projection Facilities
In the 1994 faculty computer needs assessment, nearly two-thirds of the faculty expressed an interest in using computer projection facilities in their classes. Since then, the College has implemented projection equipment in three classrooms (V120, E126, CH203), though demand continues to exceed resources. The charge to the sub-committee is to define a long-term strategy for classroom computer projection and a process for responding to faculty requests. The sub-committee should submit a proposal to the full CCPC by November 1997. The CCPC should discuss and forward the proposal -- revised if necessary -- to the Dean of the Faculty by December 1997.  

Denise Hare, Chair
Ray Mayer
Vickie Hanawalt
Nora McLaughlin
Marty Ringle
Marianne Colgrove
Patrick Ryall

PPP Dial-in Access
Last year CIS tested the feasibility of providing PPP dial-in access to students. At the end of the year it was decided to continue to testing with a new fee structure ($40 per semester, $75 for two semesters). The charge to the sub-committee is to review the student usage of this service, evaluate problems that may still exist, and submit a recommendation to the full CCPC, by March 1998, on whether the College should continue to provide the service and, if so, whether to modify the rate structure.  

Alan Shusterman, Chair
Gary Schlickeiser
Bethany Hanson
Aaron Grier
Toby Shepherd Block