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Proposal Submission Guidelines

Exploration of New Technologies: A Three Year Project Supported by the Murdock Charitable Trust, 2001-2004 

Purpose of the Project

To enable faculty and staff to investigate and develop proficiency in new technologies that can be used to enhance teaching, learning, research, and administrative operations.

Faculty Development/Curriculum Development Grants

Faculty may request up to $2500 (in total) for any of the following items:

  • travel to conferences or other colleges in order to learn about the use of new technologies in their discipline;

  • student assistants who can help faculty investigate or implement new curricular technologies;

  • new software packages that may be useful for teaching or independent student research;

  • new types of hardware devices that may be used to enhance classroom presentation, data collection, data analysis, concept visualization, and other pedagogical tasks;

  • technology evaluation stipends will be provided to support faculty investigation and assessment of new software, hardware, or online services.

Funding Request Guidelines

Annual Murdock funds are limited and will be distributed in response to written requests on a first-come, first-served basis. To request faculty development or curriculum development funding in any of the categories listed above, please send email to Martin Ringle, Director of CIS, with the following information:

  1. brief description of activities/items for which funding is requested;

  2. itemized list of anticipated expenses;

  3. timeline for relevant activities;

  4. potential benefit(s) to Reed

All grant recipients will be expected to submit a brief (1-2) page report of their grant-supported activities that can be included in an annual report for the Murdock Trust. Faculty will also be expected to present the results of their investigations at a faculty "lunch-and-learn" event.

Please send proposals (and direct any questions) via email to Marty Ringle (ext. 7254).

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