Video Production Equipment

To bring your video to the next level you may want some extra equipment like microphones, lights, and a tripod to stabilize your footage. We've got all these things, and a few extras. Tony Moreno (Digital Media Specialist, Web Support Services) works with digital video and other media. He can help you use this equipment to it's full potential in any project.

Video Camerascanon vixia image

The mLab has several types of video cameras available for use. Along with FlipCams, we have a Canon Vixia HF20 (pdf) and a Canon Vixia HFS30 (pdf) that shoot great HD video, along with still shots.

Additionally assistance is available with learning how to edit and compile video for coursework or other class projects such as student theses or performances.


microphone imageIf the built in microphone on your video camera doesn't satisfy, the mLab has dedicated microphones which may be better suited. Also in stock is lapel microphones, which records audio from a single person very well, and a few small boom microphones. These microphones can either record directly into your camera, or into an external audio recorder. A few USB microphones are available too, though these require recording into a computer via USB.

Audio Recorders

There are a few audio recorders that you can use to either plugin into your video recorder, or sync up to your video later.



To test balance, edit and remix the audio you record, the mLab stocks headphones which are compatible with many of the audio devices, as well as with the computers with the audio editing software in the mLab.


tripod imageFor shots that aren't suited to hand-held cameras, the mLab stocks a few medium- to heavy-duty tripods that won't get blown over by a gust of wind. Also in stock is a steadycam, perfect for moving or panning a camera to follow a moving subject. There's also a few small tripods, for use in recording audio or video with an ios device.


Also stocked are several backdrops as well as a green screen and a backdrop stand available for use.

Lights and light stands

softbox imageThe mLab has few softboxes that work with incandescent bulbs, as well as halogen floodlights, which are great for lighting a large backdrop, and a few clip on lights as well. Additionally available is a small LED light that's great for providing a little extra light to a small area. Also available is a backlight for helping separate a subject from the background, and some gels and barn doors to help stylize the video shoot.