Using Skype to connect to the Reed College mLab

1. Set up Skype

Before the conference, get Skype and make sure it is working.  If help is needed for this step; contact us at If you're using your own machine and don't have Skype yet, you can download it here.  You can use a laptop camera or cheap webcam, which most of the mLab computers come pre-equipped with.  Laptop speakers and mic are serviceable, but you'll get much better results from even a cheap USB headset. 

2. Make contact with us

For ease of access we've created an account for use in videoconferencing, as well as an account for your contact.  If you are logged in to your own account, it's easiest to use Skype's "Sign In as Another User" command, under the Account menu. Then log in to our account with: 

 username: contactmlab
 password: <we'll send you this; it's posted in the mLab>

At the time scheduled for your videoconference, you will hear the sound of a telephone ringing and a call window will appear on your screen. Click on “Answer” to accept the call. The audio portion of the call is now connected. Speak into your microphone to talk to the other participants.

To start the video portion of the conference, click on the small blue video icon video button in the top left-hand corner of the computer screen. This will connect the camera to the call and allow the outside participants to see you.

To make the video fill the screen, click on the fullscreen icon fullscreen button in the top right-hand corner of the computer screen. In fullscreen mode, you will see a floating toolbar:



Clicking on the rightmost icon in the toolbar at any time will exit fullscreen mode. The toolbar will disappear after a few moments, but it will reappear if you briefly scroll your mouse over the screen.

When you are finished, click the red phone icon hang up button in the top right-hand corner to end the call. (If you are in fullscreen mode, click on the phone icon in the floating toolbar.)

Quit Skype by selecting Quit Skype from the Skype menu at the top of the screen.