eBook Readers

eBook Readers provide a easy and portable way to read electronic books and articles. The screens are not backlit, so reading is easy on the eyes and the batteries last a lot longer.

In our collection, we have:

Amazon Kindle

The best all-arounder of the e-reader family. It's fairly big, which is nice for a long term reading, but not so nice for fitting into bags and carrying around. They've got a pretty long battery life, and are charged using a common microusb. Amazon makes it relatively easy to buy and load books, but the DRM (Digital Rights Management) makes it sometimes difficult to get books on them from certain sources.

Barnes & Noble Nook

Smaller than the kindle, this device is also all-around good. It's a bit lighter and smaller while still having a perfectly readable screen. Their battery life is comparable to that of a kindle, and for some the interface is a little more intuitive then that of the kindle. Acquiring books and managing them is slightly easier compared to the Kindle.

Irex Iliad

Certainly the oddball of the family, this rather large e-reader is mostly designed for travelers. The screen is less readable than either the nook or the kindle, and the refresh rate verges on terrible with a large black flash between pages. However, the battery life is unparalleled and it has a niche utility of having adapters for just about all plug types, making it ideal for long term travel to another country.


Paper light and small, this e-reader is much less readable than the nook or kindle, but makes up for it by being almost weightless and small. It also has adapters for other types of plugs.

Ectaco Jetbook

The tiniest of all e-readers, this miniscule e-reader is perfect for particularly cramped travel situations where you can't spare the tiniest bit of extra room. Unfortunately the designers sacrificed resolution and readability for size, so the screen isn't nearly as nice as the other e-readers.