Digital Audio Recorders

zoom h4n recorderIn stock are a few different Zoom audio recorders small enough to fit in a small bag, easy to take to a conference or musical performance.  They are also well suited for recording interviews or conversations, and can be simply turned on and placed on a desk. They have several settings to allow you to record effectively in different scenarios.


To record in your office, the mLab, or other stationary location we have a tabletop MXL or a Blue Snowball microphone that can plug into a computer via USB; the MXL microphone and has its own stand and pop filter. These microphones must be plugged into a computer to function.  These microphones are suited to the creation of a screencast or narration over a video, allowing the production of high quality interference free audio. 

For more information, consult the MXL manual or the Blue Snowball manual.