GIS (Geographical Information Systems) at Reed


The two most common desktop GIS software systems are ArcGIS (proprietary, Windows-only) and QGIS (open source, free, cross-platform). Both systems have similar analytical capabilities and features.

Faculty -- and students conducting research projects for faculty -- may access ArcGIS in the mLab in the ETC. For faculty, CUS can install a keyless copy of ArcGIS on your Windows computer (or the Windows side of your Mac computer using Bootcamp). 

For access to ArcGIS training materials and/or full access to ArcGIS Online, contact Kristin Bott.

Additional mapping and analytical tools are available online, including dropchop (a data-first GIS from the folks at CUGOS), ArcGIS OnlineGIS Cloud, and Indiemapper. Keep an eye on MapboxMapzen, and Stamen for exciting advancements in spatial analysis and beautiful maps.  


If you have questions, comments, or suggestions about GIS at Reed, please contact Kristin Bott, associate director of instructional technology services. To stay informed about upcoming GIS events at Reed and other GIS-related news, subscribe to the gis-announce mailing list.