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T-watchers (CUS Student Employees)

What is a T-watcher?

T-watcher (pronounced "Tee"-Watcher) is short for terminal watcher. This is a reference to Olde Reed, where we had terminal-style computers that weren't good for much besides math problems.

Today, T-watchers are students who work at the ETC Help Desk, supporting Mac and Windows software and computers. We are the front line for questions and problems relating to anything from thesis formatting, to printing, to when your laptop won't start. If you are having problems with your personal computer, a T-watcher can help. We concentrate on academic computing problems and therefore may be unable to help with time-consuming non-academic problems.

We also help manage and maintain the IRC computer labs in the ETC. If you are having trouble on an IRC machine, please don't hesitate to come find a T-watcher at the Help Desk. We'll be able to help.

Please contact Taylor Smith, Associate Director of Computer User Services, at for further information about T-watchers, and to find out when we're hiring.

How do I find a T-watcher?

T-watchers are found at the ETC Help Desk, keeping watch over the IRCs. This is the best place to bring your questions.

You can also reach them via email:

T-watcher hours

Aside from normal business hours, T-watchers are also available Sunday through Thursday, 5pm - midnight. During the summer we are on duty 8:30am to 5pm Monday through Thursday and Fridays 8:30am-12pm. If you don't see any T-watchers during business hours, please seek help from a professional staff member.

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