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Cisco 7962 Phone

7962 cisco phone 7962 cisco phone with sidecar
(7962 model) (7962 model with "sidecar")
For those who wish to explore the full potential of their Cisco phone, below are links to Cisco's own full documentation:      

Quick Tips

To Hold and Resume Calls:

  1. To hold, make sure the call you want to put on highlighted and press Hold.
    When you put a call on hold the Hold icon Hold Iconappears on the right and the corresponding line button flashes green.
  2. To resume, make sure the appropriate line is highlighted
  3.  and press Resume.

Setup Speed Dials

To setup speed dials, follow the instructions our web guide.

Using Speed Dials

  1. Speed dials will appear on the main screen as additional lines. Press the button on the right that corresponds to the speed dial you wish to call. 

How to Forward a Secondary Line:

  1. Go to (from a Firefox or Safari web browser; Chrome does not work properly)
  2. Accept or add the security certificate when prompted
  3. Login with your Kerberos username and password
  4. If prompted to accept certificates or allow access, click "Trust" or "Allow"
  5. Click the "User Options" drop-down box on the top left and choose "Device"
  6. Click on the "Line Settings" button on the icon bar at the top
  7. Click the "Line" dropdown and select the line you wish to forward
  8. Then under "Incoming Call Forwarding" click the checkbox for "Foward all calls to" and then click "This Number" and enter the extension you wish to forward to.
  9. To forward to an on-campus extension, simply type the 4-digit extension. For an off-campus number such as a cell phone, remember to type # before the 10-digit number (e.g., #5031001000)
  10. Click the "Save" button on the icon bar to save the forwarding settings
  11. To unforward, follow the same steps to get back to the forwarding menu and simply uncheck the "Forward all calls to" checkbox...then click the "Save" button on the icon bar

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