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Using the Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner

The ScanSnap scanner is kept in IRC3. It is capable of batch scanning of up to 50 sheets of paper.

Scanning a document

1. Make sure the scanner is connected to your computer and to the power source. If the scanner's cover is closed, open it to turn on the scanner.

Scanner cover

2. Go to Macintosh HD>Applications>ScanSnap and launch ScanSnap You can also launch it from the Application icon on the Dock.

ScanSnap Manager

3. Note: By default, documents are scanned duplex (double-sided) and blank pages are automatically removed. To scan a document single-sided, right click (or Control + click) on the ScanSnap icon on the Dock and choose Simplex Scan.

Simplex scan

4. Load paper (50 sheets or less) into the scanner face-down (so you are looking at the back of the last page) and upside down. Adjust the side guide to the page width.

Side guide

5. Press the Scan button on the scanner to start scanning.

start scan

6. Choose Scan to Folder on the Quick Menu that appears.

Scan to folder

7. Choose a place to save the file and click Save.


Scanning a picture

1. By default, all scanned documents are saved as PDFs. To scan a picture as JPEG, after launching ScanSnap Manager and before scanning, right click on the ScanSnap icon on the Dock and choose Settings.


2. Choose the profile Customize and click Detail (with the downward-pointing arrow) to expand the window. In tab Scanning, choose the Image Quality (Auto, Normal, Better, Best or Excellent) that you want. Under Color mode, you must choose Color or Gray if you want to save your picture as JPEG.


3. Go to tab File Option, choose JPEG under File Format and proceed with scanning as per normal.


Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

1. The scanner can perform OCR on a document. Proceed with scanning as normal. When the Quick Menu appears, select Scan to Word option.

Scan to word

2. If the Software License Agreement message appears, click Agree. If you are asked to Register the Product, choose Later.

3. It will take a while to complete OCR. Word will display the result as an RTF (Rich Text Format) file. Choose File>Save as in Word to save this file where you want.