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Removing Java

These instructions are for administrative users who accidentally upgrade Java. This will cause Banner to stop working on your machine, which means you'll have to remove the updated Java files and install the correct version.


Step 1: Go to the "Go" tab in Finder (under the menu bar on the upper left hand side of the screen), and click on "Go to Folder."

Step 2: Once the Go to Folder window opens, type in: /Library/InternetPlug-Ins/

Step 3: Once the folder is open, delete the file "JavaAppletPlugin.plugin" by right-clicking its icon and selecting "Move to Trash."

Step 4: After moving the file to the trash, close the folder and select the "Go to Folder" option once again.

Step 5: Type in /Applications/Utilities

Step 6: Run "Managed Software Update" by double clicking on it. It will prompt you to install the correct version of Java, which you should then do.