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Supported Web Browser and Java Configuration for Accessing Banner 8 and Nolij Web

To help ensure a stable enterprise computing environment at Reed, Computing & Information Services deploys and maintains the following web browser and Java configuration on Reed-owned administrative computers via Self Service.  Other browser and Java configurations may work for you, but the following configuration is supported by Computer User Services and Administrative Computing Services.

Accessing Banner


A special version of Firefox called "Firefox for Banner" is available for staff who need to access Banner 8 (Banner 9, for those already using it, can be accessed from any modern browser). This version of Firefox also includes the version of Java that works with Banner 8.  This special Firefox will connect to Banner 8, Nolij Web, and limited other services at Reed.  All other web browsing should be done on a different browser, such as Safari, Chrome, or the current (non-Banner) version of Firefox.

Users who need "Firefox for Banner" can install it from the Self Service app found in their Applications folder.

Note: It is not possible to have Firefox and Firefox for Banner open at the same time.

Microsoft Remote Desktop (MRD)

Banner 8 is accessible to administrative staff via Microsoft Remote Desktop (MRD) and will provide a reliable experience.

Accessing Nolij Web


Any version of Firefox, including Banner for Firefox, is supported for accessing Nolij Web.


Java 8 is certified by Ellucian for use with Banner 8. This version is installed when administrative staff install "Banner for Firefox" app in Self Service.

Changes to Supported Configuration

As software application technology changes, so to will the supported configuration.  CIS will keep the information on this web page as up to date as possible.

Have questions?  Contact Computer User Services at, x7525.

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