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Accessing Homeserver

1. Open the 'Go' menu from the apple menu bar and select 'Connect to Server' at the bottom.


2. In the dialog box that pops up, enter the following into the "Server Address:" field:


and hit the connect button.

3. Enter your username and admin password and hit connect.


4. A dialog box should pop up asking you which volumes you want to mount. Select 'Departments' and hit OK.


5. Done! You should be connected to Homeserver now.

Creating a Shortcut on the Desktop or Dock

To create a shortcut to Homeserver, follow these steps:

1. Make sure you are already connected to Homeserver (see instructions above)

2. There should be an icon on the Desktop named 'Homeserver'. If you don't see one, open Finder > Preferences and check to show 'Connected servers' on the desktop. 


3. Right-click on the desktop icon and select 'Make Alias'.


4. This will create a shortcut to Homeserver named 'Departments alias' (you can rename it).


4. You can then drag the shortcut to the dock!


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