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Ways to Share Things with Others at Reed


Good for: One person communicating to many people; casual sharing of information.

Resources: If you are a faculty or staff member and would like a departmental blog, contact Tony Moreno to create a blog at For students, some third-party alternatives include Blogspot, Wordpress, and Tumblr.

Personal Website

Good for: One person communicating to many people; professional sharing of information.

If you have knowledge of HTML, you can create your own website and upload to the html folder on your AFS account.

Google Apps

Good for: Sharing documents, events, and mail.

Resources: We offer Google Apps, which links your Kerberos account to some of Google's services (Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar). Read more about these services right here.


Good for: Documenting and organizing large amounts of information.

Resources: If you are a student with a campus organization, contact for an Organization Wiki page. For personal use, some third party alternatives include MediaWiki, Wikia, and Wikispaces.

Moodle Page

Good for: Sharing files, news, and updates with course or organization lists. Comes with a forum for group discussion and methods for transmitting/reviewing files.

Starting here is a great introduction to Moodle, and there is specific documentation and help right here. Please contact if you still have more questions, comments, or suggestions. The target audience for Moodle is for faculty members and their courses, but student/staff departments or collaborations may also request a Moodle page.

File Robot

Good for: Short-term file sharing with specific people or groups with or without a passphrase, or even with the Reed community as a whole. It also can be used for public/personal sharing.

NOTE: Files are automatically deleted after 14 days!

Resources: FileRobot Help Page

AFS Personal Home Folder

Good for: Storing personal documents, photos, videos, or other such items as you would store on a personal computer. They can either be placed in your Private folder, or be shared with the entire Reed community if placed in the Public folder. Your home folder is also archived nightly in case you lose/delete a file you need! This page is a perfect place to begin learning about AFS.

AFS Course/Department Folders

Good for: storing and sharing files for courses, departments, or campus organizations.

These course folders are primarily meant for faculty members, but also include departmental folders for staff. To create a new folder in the Courses section of AFS, you may request a course folder.

Mass E-mail (Google Groups) Lists

Good for: Faculty members who prefer to communicate with their students via e-mail, as well as student group organizers who would like one e-mail address that distributes to all their club members. See this page for further information and assistance.

Faculty members may request a course googlegroup that automatically syncs registered students as defined by the Registrar as recipients of the e-mail list. For students, staff, and faculty members for non-course purposes, you can request a googlegroup for general purposes, and you can manually add/remove recipients yourself.

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