CIS • Portfolio ABC’s

Viewing Metadata

By default, Portfolio only shows you a few fields of data in each of its three views (Thumbnail. List and Item). You can change this by creating a custom view. Alternatively, you can look at the Properties window for your selected record(s). These methods are explained below:

1. Viewing the Properties Window

With your images of interest selected, click on the Properties button near the top of the screen. A window will open showing you all of the data for the selected image(s). The fields are grouped under the three tabs at the top of the window. If you have multiple images selected you can move back and forth between images using the arrow buttons at the bottom of the window. If you are logged in with editor or higher privileges you can edit the data in this window. However, please do not do so without checking with Fred Lifton first.

2. Creating Custom Views

You can change what data fields are displayed in each of Portfolio’s three view styles (thumbnail, list and item) and you can save those changes in a custom view. To change the displayed fields, click on the “Customize” button at the top of the Portfolio window. A dialog box will appear with a list of fields on the left and formatting options on the right. Click on the fields you wish to appear (a checkmark shows which fields will be displayed). You can change the appearance of the view by modifying fonts and so forth with the options on the right of the window. If you always want the catalog to appear this way click the “save as default” button, otherwise click “Done.”

If you want to save this view for later use, use the drop-down view menu below the  Quickfind box. Choose “save as…” and then give the view a name. The view will now appear in the drop-down list.

Important: any changes made to views only effect the client computer where those changes were made. So, don’t expect your custom views to show up on the class-room computer if you set them up on your laptop.