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Tips for Computer Hardware Security During Break

As classes draw to a close, the number of people on campus declines and the probability of theft increases.  Here are some tips to protect your equipment and data during break:

1. During nights, weekends, and holidays, do not leave a laptop (or external drive) in your office unless it is placed in a LOCKED file cabinet or drawer. (A security cable is useful during weekdays but not during evenings, weekends, or holidays.)

2. Do not leave keys to file cabinets, drawers, or security cables on, in, or near your desk. If you can find your keys easily, so can a thief.  (This has already happened more than once.)

3. If you don't have a safe place to store your college-owned laptop, CIS can store it for you. Just contact the Computer Shop (ETC 114; ext. 7277) to make arrangements to drop it off and retrieve it.

4. If you have a desktop computer, please turn it off completely before you leave campus at the end of the day as well as before weekends and holidays.

5. If you are traveling, please keep your computer with you rather than putting it into checked luggage.

6. Please make sure sensitive or confidential data on your computer is encrypted. CIS can show you how to do this.

7. Make sure your data is frequently back up. If your computer is stolen or damaged, this will help enormously.

Please contact Computer User Services at or ext. 7525 for assistance securing your data or computer.

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