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Google Apps for Education FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we adopting Google Apps for Education? 

A: Google Apps will allow implementation of a campus-wide calendaring system for current students, faculty and staff.  This has been a high priority goal for a number of years.  A Reed-branded campus-wide calendaring system is a useful "extra" for students and faculty, and will be a reliable replacement for our administrative calendaring system.  Googe Calendar offers a rich set of features, is easily accessible via a web browser, a client such as iCal, and iOS and Android based mobile devices.

Will ads appear in my Calendar or other Google Apps? 

A: No, Google Apps for Education is available without ads.

Who owns the data I put on Google Apps?

A: Our contract with Google states that the institution (or students, faculty, and staff) are the sole owners of their data stored in Google Apps. Data stored in Google's consumer services are subject to their Terms of Service.

Can I use other Google services with my Reed account?

A: At times you may come across links to Google services that we aren't offering at Reed and you'll see a "Service not available" message. We're not currently offering these services through your account, but it's easy to log out of your Reed account and use these services with a personal Google account. Services offered at this time include Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Takeout, Google+, Google Blogger, Google Talk, Google Contacts, and Google Code.

Can I store confidential data in Google Apps?

A: Storing unencrypted personal information in the cloud that could be used for identity theft –– such as social security numbers, birthdates, bank account numbers, driver's licenses, health care data, payroll data, etc. –– should be avoided.

What about grades and other FERPA-protected student information?   

A: Google's agreement with Reed commits them to comply with FERPA regulations and provides us with a legal foundation for storing FERPA-protected data with them.  However, we encourage you to exercise caution and not store sensitive student information in Google Apps if possible.

How reliable are Google Apps? I’ve heard of outages occurring.

A: Google services go down very rarely - less often than our current services. Google guarantees that services will be available at least 99.9% of the time. You can also check on the status of various Google Apps on their App Status Page

Are Google Apps backed up? I’m concerned about losing data.

A: Google stores your data on multiple servers in different locations. You can (and should!) regularly save your Docs (Download All Your Files...) and export your Calendar (Export your calendar) to your computer as a backup precaution.

Can I log in to multiple Google accounts?

A: Yes! Here's how to allow multiple google accounts in the same web browsing session.

How do I set up my mobile device to access my Google stuff?

A: See our handy help page on how to set up your device.

How do I make Docs stop opening up so many windows?

A: When logged in to Google Docs, click on the gear icon in the upper-right of your screen, choose Settings, then change Where items open to In the current window.

Why do some shared Docs and Calendars not show up in my list?

A: Calendars and Docs sometimes do not show in someone's list, even when properly shared. Very often, unsharing and resharing the calendar/document makes it appear properly.

Known Issues with Google Docs:

A: Take a look at known issues with Google Docs on Google's official support page. You can also check on the status of various Google Apps on their App Status Page

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