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How Two-Step Works

  1. Visit a Reed service, such as IRIS.
  2. Login with your Reed username and password.
  3. When prompted with "Authentication with Duo is required for the requested service", select your method of two-step and follow the on-screen instructions. Check out the videos below to see two-step in action!

Note: On trusted devices you can opt to Remember me for 30 days. When you successfully two-step with this option selected, you will not need to two-step in that web browser again for 30 days.

You’ll need to two-step the first time you login to your Reed accounts on any computer, so be sure to keep your two-step device handy.

Push Notification with the Duo App

Push notification with Duo app requires wireless or cellular data

Passcode with the Duo App

Passcode generation with Duo app does not require wireless or cellular data.

Passcode with a Hardware Token

Passcode generation with a hardware token does not require wireless or cellular data.

 Additional Two-Step Methods

Duo Mobile push notification, Duo Mobile passcode, and hardware token passcode are the recommended two-step methods for use at Reed. There are additional methods of two-step authentication available, including passcodes sent via SMS, Universal 2-Factor (U2F) devices, and even dialing a landline telephone. While not recommended, limited use of these methods is acceptable and may even be necessary at times.  CUS staff are happy to discuss additional two-steps methods, and when they might be appropriate for you.