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Two-Step Authentication at Reed

Two-step authentication is being implemented at Reed as an added layer of security, protecting the community and helping safeguard college data. A service called Duo is being utilized for two-step authentication. Read below to learn more.

Weekly prizes will be available to those who enroll in two-step during the opt-in period from Oct. 16th - Nov. 26th. Everyone who enrolls before Nov. 27th is eligible for an iPad grand prize drawing!  🎉

What is two-step authentication?

Two-step authentication (also commonly referred to as two-factor authentication, two-step verification, or second-factor authentication) is an additional layer of security beyond a username and password. Typically it involves an app installed on your mobile device, a hardware token that displays a 6-digit code, or a text message sent to your phone. After signing into a service with your username or password, you are then prompted to enter a passcode, or confirm via the app that you're trying to sign in. You may already be familiar with this process if you've enabled two-step verification with popular consumer services such as Gmail, Apple ID, Twitter, Facebook, as well as most financial institutions.

Why is Reed doing this?

Increasingly, accounts are being compromised in a variety of ways – weak passwords, re-used passwords, phishers, hackers, malware, etc. Two-step authentication helps protect community members from targeted attacks and unauthorized access to college and personal data. 

Your data is important.  Two-step authentication provides protection for the following:

  • student records (grades, enrollment information, letters of recommendation, and more)
  • college confidential and legally protected materials
  • sensitive correspondence in email
  • candidate materials in job searches
  • in the event your password is phished, guessed, or hacked, the attackers cannot impersonate you or propagate further attacks from your Reed email address
  • prevents attackers from using your Reed account to gain control of personal or professional services unrelated to Reed (personal email address, financial services, etc), where your email address may be set up as a recovery address.

I'm ready! How Do I Get Started?


If you'll be using your smartphone or a tablet for two-step, follow the steps below to enroll. In less than 10 minutes, you'll be two-stepping like a champ.

  1. Finish browsing the two-step documentation, including the video walkthroughs of using two-step at Reed.
  2. On your phone or tablet, head to App Store or Android Play Store or Microsoft Store and download the free Duo Mobile app.
  3. Now on your computer, click the blue ENROLL NOW IN TWO-STEP button on this page.
  4. You'll be taken to Reed's Account Tools page, where you'll login and click Enable Two-Step.
  5. Now check your email for a message from Duo Security containing futher instructions on completing enrollment of your smartphone or tablet.

Hardware Token

If you'll be using a hardware token, visit the help desk in the ETC to speak with a staff member. We'll assign a token to you, walk you through enrollment, as well as your first two-step authentication with your hardware token.

Drop-in Enrollment and Q&A

Live, in person! With actual people!

Interested in hands-on assistance enrolling in two-step authentication at Reed? Have some questions before you dive in? Drop on by to see two-step in action, chat with CUS staff, and even enroll on the spot.

Tuesday, 10/16 noon-1pm Commons
Wednesday, 10/17 11am-noon ETC 105A
Thursday, 10/18 2-3pm ETC 105A
Tuesday, 10/23 10-11am Library lobby
Wednesday, 10/31 3-4pm Library lobby
Friday, 11/2 4-5pm Library lobby
Monday, 11/5 noon-1pm GCC A
Tuesday, 11/6 4-5pm GCC A
Monday, 11/19 noon-1pm Commons
Wednesday, 11/14 9am-10am Library lobby
Thursday, 11/15 1-2pm Commons


Don't forget the prize drawing for everyone who opts in by Nov. 27th!

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to commonly asked questions can be found on our two-step FAQ page.

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