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Conference Room and Conference Phone Information

Locations in newer buildings (e.g., classrooms in the PAB) can usually be wired for VoIP conferencing with enough notice.  Email with any questions pertaining to conference phones.

Note:  if your department does not own a conference phone, please email to borrow one.  We cannot guarantee availability of a conference phone without advance notice.

list of conference rooms with phone options
Prefix Ext Building Room Phone Type Jack or other Notes
517 4875 Aspen Multipurpose Room Analog Jack 111-13
517 7983 Vollum Lounge Analog  
-- -- Vollum 116 VoIP 116-1-1, jack on left wall as you enter room
517 7991 Vollum 118 Analog  
517 7664 Vollum 234 Analog  
517 7749 Vollum 302 Analog  
517 7930 Eliot 103 Analog Jack on left wall as you enter room
517 7997 Eliot 121 Analog  
517 7746 Eliot 126 Analog  
517 7940 Eliot 207 Analog Plate 207-1, jack A, on east wall
517 7945 Eliot 216 Analog jack by north door; requires power strip for outlet
459 4670 Eliot 218-1A Student Life Student Life only
-- -- Eliot 405 VoIP  
-- -- ETC 208 VoIP Computer classroom. Jack 208-2-C
517 7954 ETC 309 VoIP and Analog Staff only
517 7905 GCC A Analog  
517 7303 GCC B Analog  
459 4636 GCC C Analog  
517 7468 GCC D Analog


-- -- Performing Arts Building 104 VoIP wall plate labeled 2-104-2, top port
-- -- Performing Arts Building 105  VoIP Jack 105-1-1
-- -- Performing Arts Building 130 VoIP wall plate labeled 2-130-1, middle port (port B)
-- -- Performing Arts Building 131  VoIP wall plate labeled 2-131-2, top port


-- Performing Arts Building 332  VoIP wall plated labeled 3-332-3, top port
517 7634 Physical Plant Analog  
517 5150 Psychology 102 Analog  
517 5174 28 West 119-1A Analog Larger Conference Room
517 7439 28 West 120-2 Analog Smaller Conference Rm

Do I Need A Conference Phone?

Larger groups tend to need conference phones, e.g., you and your department all gather to call another person or group.  If you have a conference call planned between two parties (however many people, but only two locations) or three parties (however many people, but three locations), you can borrow a Reed conference phone.  Conference room locations are above.  Please check availability with CEP to reserve a room, and advance notice to reserve a phone must be given by contacting

Alternatively, if you are joining a conference call by yourself, you can use your Reed office phone.  If you are unsure how to make conference calls on your phone, contact

If there are several callers (more than three) each calling from individual locations, consider using a conference line. A conference “leader” calls a toll-free number, enters a leader code to open the conference room, and waits for other participants to call in and join.  All participants dial the same toll-free number and must enter either the leader or participant code to join.  Codes should be given out ahead of time.  Calls are charged by the minute and billed to your department.  If your department does not have a conference line but would like to use one, TIS can assist setup with our third-party provider, Two Rivers Conferencing.  Contact for assistance.