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Burn a CD

Burn a CD in OS X

All the machines in the IRCs can burn CD-ROMs. It's easy to do it with just the Finder:

  1. Insert your blank CD into the drive.
  2. Go to the File Menu and select New Burn Folder.
  3. Drag the files you want into the folder.
burn folder icon
  1. Click on the Burn button near the top of the window.

burn folder top

But what if you only have a few files? It seems like a waste to burn a whole 700 MB CD with two word files on it. What you may want is a Multisession CD.

Burn a Multisession CD

A multisession CD can be burnt and reburnt at any time, just like a CD-RW.  They are most easily created using Disk Utility, a Mac OS X utility for working with hard drives, disk images, and CD or DVD discs.  CUS has directions for making Multisession CDs available here.

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