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Aliases can be used to create a "link" to a folder, file, or application. This alias can then be moved to a different folder, like your desktop. Also you can move the item that you made the alias to without moving or changing the alias and it will still continue to go to the item you linked it to. If you delete an alias the item it links to will not be deleted.

Creating an Alias

  1. Find the item (e.g., folder, file, application, etc.) that you would like to make an alias of.
  2. Right click or hold down the Control key while left clicking on the item. 
  3. Select "Make Alias."  selecting make alias in right click popup menu
  4. You have made an alias to the item. Congratulations!

Remember, deleting the alias will not delete the item is is linked to. Likewise you can rename the alias without renaming the item it links to. 

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