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SFTP Access to AFS

The most common way to access AFS is with a web browser. Access is also available with SFTP.

How to access AFS with an SFTP program

The specific steps vary depending on the SFTP application you use, but here are the general settings:

Username: Your Kerberos username (the same as used for email)
Password: Your Kerberos password (the same as used for email)

After logging in, you will automatically be placed in your Home folder on AFS (ie, /afs/

To connect specifically to a particular volume in AFS, like the Courses folder or Griffin Exchange, you can specify the initial folder or directory:

  • Courses: /afs/
  • Griffin Exchange: /afs/
  • Departments: /afs/

Detailed instructions for Mac and Windows

For detailed instructions on using SFTP, please visit our Fetch page for Mac users and WinSCP page for Windows users.

If you have any questions please email or call x7525.

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