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AFS (Andrew File System) is Reed's academic network file system and is used for storing and sharing files on Reed's servers. Every current community member has their own Home folder in AFS for storing personal files, but it can also used to store and share files for courses, departments, or campus organizations.

Note: Administrative offices that need to store and share sensitive or confidential college data should not use AFS. Other methods for file sharing are available to administrative staff. Contact CUS (x7525) for more information.

Your Home folder in AFS

Personal storage
All current community members have their own Home folder in AFS. This is a place to store your personal files on the network, including files for your personal web page (ie, The default quota for your Home folder is 5GB. Files in your Home folder are backed up nightly.

Sharing files with ad hoc users and groups
If you need to share files with individuals or a group of users at Reed (ie, other students, faculty or staff), you can easily create shared folders within your Home folder and give them access. Learn how to setup file sharing.

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Other Folders in AFS

Faculty who need to share course-specific materials and handouts with their students can use the Courses folder in AFS. Membership to course folders will be setup and maintained by CIS. Faculty who need more than simple file sharing for courses, like wikis, forums or other interactive resources, should consider using Moodle instead.

Academic departments that need to store and share files can also use AFS. Membership to such folders will be setup and maintained by CIS.

The Griffin folder in AFS is used for campus organizations and committees that need to share files. Membership to such folders will be maintained by CIS. To request a folder for your organization, please fill out our online folder request form.

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How to Access AFS

There are a number of ways to access AFS:

  • Accessing AFS with a web browser
    • Provides quick access from any computer with a supported web browser.
    • Convenient to use during travel or when away from your computer.
    • Allows upload of up to 5 files at a time (256MB limit per file).
    • Allows download of a single file at time.
    • Allows easy setup of shared folders in your Home folder.
  • Accessing AFS with an SFTP program
    • Allows upload/download of multiple files at a time (no file size limit).


What is the default quota for my Home folder in AFS?

The default quota is 5GB for user Home folders in AFS. Please note if you create shared folders in your AFS Home folder, the files uploaded by others will count against your quota. If you need additional storage space for academic purposes, please contact CUS.

What's the purpose of the directories inside my Home folder and where should I save my files?

You already have a number of directories inside your Home folder:

  • Private - files and folders in your Private folder cannot be accessed by others. To keep your files private from others, save them to this folder.
  • Public - files and folders in your Public folder can be viewed and read by others. If you need to share files with specific users, create a new folder inside Public and grant them permission to access the folder.
  • html - your personal web space, available at
  • Favorites - a place to store favorite locations to other areas within the AFS hierarchy (you can add Favorites at
  • Private/Yesterday - a nightly, read-only backup of your entire Home folder.

If you have other questions or concerns about AFS, please contact CUS at x7525 or

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