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AFS Retirement

The CIS network filesystem AFS has been retired as of August 18th, 2020. AFS had many uses over its lifetime and could not be replaced by a single product. We’ve listed a few examples of uses below and possible alternatives. Please contact with any questions or concerns, or if you don’t see a solution for your needs.

Google Drive

Reed College already uses Google Drive for much of its data storage. Information stored here is easy to share with others--both inside Reed and beyond--and readily accessible on and off campus. Some extra sensitive data may not be suitable for storage with Google Drive. To learn more about our data classification and keeping your private information safe, please visit our Data Classifications and Handling Guidelines.

Google “Shared Drive”

Google Shared Drive is a great option for departments, courses, and groups; those who need to store documents separate from an individual user account. 

Homeserver or Admin Fileshares

If you have an administrative account, you have access to storage on the Admin Homeserver and Fileshares server. Please contact with any questions and for training. Administrative accounts are limited to staff and faculty users.


If you host your personal website in a page, you can access your data through