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Optical Character Recognition (OCR)


Scanning the text

Using either our scanning directions for the IRCs (found here) or image capture,


  1. Get a preview of the page to be scanned
  2. Select the area to be scanned and press the scan button.  imagecapture
  3. Make sure to save the scan as a TIFF file. Omnipage Pro X can only read the TIFF format.



Using Omnipage Pro X to scan the TIFF

Once you have saved your scanned page(s) as TIFF files, open Omnipage Pro X.


  1. Open the tiffs by clicking Load Image and browsing to them. You can also drag images onto the application icon on the dock.
  2. Once the image is shown, you can select the text areas, or just let Omnipage do its best by clicking the Perform OCR button. OCR
  3. Once you have the text, you can copy and paste it into Word for editing. OCR is not perfect, so there may be spelling errors etc. Scanning again at a higher resolution may help, or selecting smaller areas to recognize.


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