Computing & Information Services

Classroom Projection Facilities

Classrooms with Projectors

Reed has many general-purpose classrooms outfitted for computer projection. Each room is equipped with an Intel Mac computer connected to the campus network and the Internet, and a permanently mounted projector. Some of the rooms also have AV equipment, such as a VCR and sound system.

Room Size Room Style Notes
Art 104 30 drawing studio  
Biology 19 68 auditorium  
Chem 301 30 classroom  
Eliot 103 38 conference  
Eliot 121 14 conference  
Eliot 123 16 conference  
Eliot 126 20 conference  
Eliot 207 35 classroom  
Eliot 216 24 conference  
Eliot 314 74 auditorium  
Eliot 405 20 conference  
Eliot 414 25 conference  
Eliot 416 30 conference Eliot 416 also has a piano.
Eliot 419 14 conference  
ETC 205 17 conference  
ETC 208 19 conference  
ETC 211 15 conference Computers are located around the perimeter of the room.
Library 41 20 conference  
Library 203 20 conference  
Library 204 33 classroom  
Library 389 27 classroom  
Library 387 16 conference  
Physics 121 14 conference  
Physics 122 24 classroom  
Physics 123 40 classroom  
Physics 240 31 classroom  
Psychology 102 30 classroom  
Psychology 105 90 auditorium  
Psychology 108 34 conference  
Psychology 136 18 conference  
Vollum Lecture Hall 400 auditorium  
Vollum 110 30 conference  
Vollum 116 30 conference  
Vollum 118 16 conference  
Vollum 120 30 conference  
Vollum 126 25 conference  
Vollum 134 16 conference  
Vollum 234 16 conference  
Vollum 228 16 conference  
Vollum 302 16 conference  
Vollum 309 16 conference  

Regular usage of these rooms may be scheduled for your classes through the Registrar's Office. One-time usage may be scheduled through Conference and Events Planning. (If there is a room that you would like to nominate for projection facilities in the future, please notify the Registrar.)

The equipment is jointly maintained by AV Services and Computer User Services.  For assistance with these facilities, contact any of the following:

Person/Department Office Hours Extension
AudioVisual Services Monday - Friday, 9 - 5 7711
Computer User Services Monday - Friday 8:30 - noon, 1 - 5 7525

Portable Projectors

You may also reserve portable computer projection systems available from Audio Visual Services. To ensure equpment is available when you need it, plan ahead! Contact AV services as soon as you know the time and location of your class or event. The deadline to reserve equipment is noon the day before your class (noon Friday for Saturday-Monday). For complicated set-ups, or if you need an AV technician present, please reserve at least a week in advance.

Other facilities

There are other computer facilities that may be reserved in unusual circumstances. For more information, please talk to the designated contact person.

Room Size Contact
IRC 3 17 Tony Palomino

The IRCs are normally used by students 24 hours a day. In desperate circumstances, IRC 3 may be reserved for an event that cannot be accommodated elsewhere.

Room Size Contact
Library Training Room 17 Dena Hutto

The Library Computer Classroom may be reserved for class use in connection with library instruction presentations, but not for ongoing courses.