Computing & Information Services

Departmental Computing Facilities

Departmental Labs and Classrooms are available for specialized work in specific disciplines. In many cases, usage is restricted to students enrolled in the department or in specific courses. (Information Resource Centers are available for general student use.) The following specialized computer facilities are available for teaching and research:

  • Art Digital Media Lab
  • Biology Intro Lab
  • Biology Upperdivision Labs
  • Biology Imaging Lab
  • Biodiversity Center
  • Computational Chemistry Lab
  • Computer Music Studio
  • ETC computer classrooms
  • Faculty Multimedia Lab (mLab)
  • Library Instructional Media Center
  • Library Music Listening Lab
  • Library Language Lab
  • Library Reference Rooms and Stacks
  • Library Training Room
  • Math computer lab
  • Physics Introductory Lab
  • Physics Junior Lab
  • Physics Space Lab
  • Psychology Animal Lab
  • Psychology Human Experimentation Lab
  • Public Policy Workshop
  • Quantitative Skills/Writing Center
  • Reactor
  • Theatre CAD station