Computing & Information Services

CIS News Relating to COVID-19

The Help Desk, Computer Shop, and Computer Store are closed to walk-up traffic, but continue to provide critical services. To make an appointment, contact staff at the following email addresses:


Are the ETC Help Desk, Hardware Shop, and Computer Store still providing services?

Yes, with some changes that support social-distancing.

  • The help desk, hardware shop, and computer store are closed to walk-up traffic.
  • Email support will remain the same, with staff responding to email messages.
  • Telephones will be answered when possible. Staff will follow up on voicemails.
  • Repair services have been suspended; please email if you need help.

What's the best way to reach the Help Desk and Hardware Shop?

For any interaction where you’d normally visit the help desk or hardware shop, visit and click the “Ask CUS!” icon in the lower left of the screen. Remote screen sharing sessions can be initiated by CUS staff through this channel.

What's the best way to reach the Computer Store?

We encourage anyone who needs to visit the store in person to make an appointment. Please call us at 503-777-7253, or email us at

For Information about the store, products and pricing, please visit

Can I still use the IRC computer labs and the VCR?

The IRC computer labs are closed to students. Students who need access to lab software should contact CUS.

Do I need my Duo device in order to access Reed email and other services remotely?

Yes! Please remember to have your Duo device--phone or hardware token--with you when you want to connect to Reed email, IRIS applications, etc.

Should I disinfect my electronic devices, like a tablet, laptop, or smart phone?

Yes. In most cases a disinfectant or alcohol wipe can be safely used. Apple has provided specific guidance on how to clean their products:

  • Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, or use a safe disinfectant on them if soap and water is not available.
  • Avoid touching your face with unwashed hands.
  • Avoid touching your face after touching a device that has been used by others.
  • Keep your devices to yourself if possible.

Telephone Resources

Can I forward my office phone extension to another phone (such as my cell phone)?

Can I check voicemail from off-campus?

Yes, see details here about checking voicemail from off campus: dial in number for checking your voicemail; your four digit extension is your ID.

Can I send my voicemail to email?

Yes, if you'd prefer to receive your voicemail as an audio file attachment in your email, please send an email to Please be patient as we work our way through several requests.

Academic Support

My Free Zoom account won’t accommodate a virtual class. How do I get a Pro Zoom license?

Contact to request a pro license of Zoom. Don’t forget, Google Meet is a free video-conferencing service that comes with your Reed Google account. For more on remote teaching, see our newly-created (and evolving) remote teaching resource page.

I am confused by Zoom and want to talk to a human; who can help me?

Contact, and a human will reach out to you to answer your questions.

I’m a student in need of a laptop with a camera in order to attend remote classes this semester, can you help?

Reed’s Lottery Mac program for students may be able to provide computers to students in need. Fill out the Lottery Mac Request Form, or contact Tony Palomino ( to discuss your situation and make arrangements.

In certain cases, IMC, LangLab, and PARC check out laptop practices may be modified to accommodate longer check-out times and use cases off campus. Visit the IMC for details.

I'm a student still living on campus and the WiFi in my room is unusable, can you help?

Yes!  A limited number of Loaner WiFi Kits are available.  You can request one by emailing:  Please include your dorm and room #.

Can I still get help formatting my thesis?

Yes! Seniors, we are here for you! Send your thesis formatting questions to or chat us up using the "Ask CUS!" widget in the lower left of the page. We are also holding dedicated thesis hours with extra staff on hand Tuesdays & Wednesdays 5-7 pm PST. Email or chat us to get your questions answered.

Can I have an iPad (or other equipment) to enable me to teach remotely?

Faculty members can submit a computer equipment request.

Faculty & Staff Support

I don’t have access to a laptop at work. If I’m working remotely, can I borrow a computer?

First, consider bringing your desktop computer home. If it’s locked down, CUS can provide you with a key, as well as guidance on safe transportation. This eliminates problems related to accounts & access, system preferences, compatibility, as well as data transfer to and from a loaner.

If you need a key to unlock your desktop, or bringing your desktop home is not feasible and you need a laptop, contact Computer Hardware Services at to make arrangements.

I have a work laptop, but would like a monitor at home. What can I do?

You may bring your work monitor home for the duration of your time working at home. Please bring it back. There are not additional monitors available to be checked out.

Do I need the VPN?

The Academic and Administrative VPNs are needed to access specific on campus resources. Google apps and most applications on your computer can be used without the VPN. If you’ve successfully worked off campus in the past without it, then you don’t need it now. Talk to your supervisor first.

Staff members will need to use the Administrative VPN if you need to access administrative applications including:

  • Banner Admin Pages (not Banner Self-Service, aka, GPS)
  • Argos (also FormFusion and Intellecheck)
  • Etrieve
  • homeserver/fileshares
  • Microsoft Remote Desktop (which includes access to Blackboard/Transact, EMS, ARMS, Traka administration, WinPrism)
  • any centrally served FileMaker database
  • DataTransfer
  • SQL Developer
  • Banhost

If you need the VPN, read the college VPN policy and submit a request.

Staff-specific Support

How do I schedule a remote meeting?

Google Meet is a free video-conferencing service that comes with your Reed Google account and is useful for meetings. Or contact to request a pro license of Zoom. If you need additional assistance with this, please contact administrative computing for support (

Can I schedule a remote Zoom meeting for someone else?

Yes, Zoom users are able to give others the ability to schedule meetings on their behalf. Those given scheduling privileges can manage and act as an alternative host for all meetings. Read more about this here: Assign scheduling privileges in Zoom and Schedule a meeting for another user.

Can I have another person helping me with my Zoom meeting?

Yes, Zoom’s Co-Host/Alternative Host features are a way to give another user hosting privileges when using Zoom. This allows another user besides the host to access certain administrative features, such as muting participants, managing participants, and starting/stopping recordings. Co-Hosts can only be assigned during a meeting. Because of this, they cannot start the meeting. Alternative Hosts can be assigned when a meeting is scheduled. Find out more about these features, including how to assign a Co-Host or Alternative Host here: Designate a co-host or alternative host for a meeting.

Will Administrative Computing Services be available to assist me?

Yes! ACS staff will be working mostly remotely during this time. Meetings will either happen via Google Meet or will be rescheduled. Email is the best way to reach out; phone calls will be forwarded or voicemails will be monitored. If you aren't sure whom to contact or who's available, please email