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Cascade Accessibility Checks

To improve Reed's compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) web accessibility requirements, CIS will soon enable a feature in Cascade that checks each page against WCAG 2.0 and Section 508 standards of accessibility when an edit is submitted.

Why this is important

Adhering to accessibility standards ensures that everybody can enjoy the content you have diligently created. Cascade's Accessibility Check alerts us to possible accessibility barriers and helps us fix them. If moral imperatives aren't your thing, know that we are also legally required to do this. We encourage you to read WebAIM's Introduction to Web Accessibility for more information.

How this affects you

There's an extra click. When you edit and submit a page, you'll notice the Submit button now reads Check Content & Submit. After clicking it, you'll see a report of any accessibility issues with the page. Often, there will not be any issues and all you have to do is click the check mark to finish up.

But we all have issues sometimes, and when we do they might look like this:

A page with an issue

This page contains an image that is missing an "alt" attribute. Alt attributes describe an image and may be read aloud to those using assistive technologies. Click "View Non-Compliant Content" to see which image has the problem. Click "Fix" to enter a description of this image. Click the check mark when you are done.

Viewing non-compliant content

What if you have an issue you can't fix?

There are number of possible accessibility issues besides alt attributes on images. If you run into an issue you don't undertsand, or aren't sure how to fix, you may select Ignore for that issue and immediate notify your friendly Cascade admins at We'll help you work through the issue.