Chinese Studies

Freeman Summer Research Grants in Chinese Studies, 2003-07

The Freeman Foundation Grants funded summer projects in Chinese studies conducted by faculty student research teams from 2003 through 2007. These grants were intended to support summer study by Reed students and faculty pursuing research in Chinese Studies. Grants provided a $3,000 summer fellowship for students and a $5,000 stipend for faculty for pairs that proposed work of a collaborative nature. These projects were characterized by a more equal sharing of responsibilities for completing the objectives of the proposed study. Alternatively, $3,000 summer fellowships were available to students who provided research assistance for a faculty sponsor's project. The work of the research assistant must be of an academic rather than a clerical nature in order promote student training in the substantive study of China.

For your reference, here are some sample proposals and reports from previous award cycles:

  • The Consul and the Commodore: American Cartography of Nineteenth Century Formosa (report) (maps)
  • Testing the research capabilities of "Formosa: 19th-century images," a digital library constructed by Reed students, staff and faculty since 1998 (proposal) (report)
  • Anthropological approaches to development and HIV/AIDS education in China (proposal) (report)
  • The Modern Warrior and Wushu Practice in Wuhan (report)
  • The Iron Dragon Came to Tibet; the Qinghai-Tibet Railroad and its impact on the local people and culture along the route (report)
  • The Ancestral Cults of Early Imperial China (proposal)
  • Travel and Commerce: An Examination of Xie Shichen's Topographical Paintings of Mount Wudang (proposal)
  • Property Rights in Land: What are the Key Attributes? (proposal)