Chemistry Department


All Chemistry Department seminars are free and open to the public. Seminars take place Thursdays at 4:15 PM in B-19 in the basement of the Biology Building (unless otherwise noted on the schedule).

The Reed College campus is located in southeast Portland at 3203 SE Woodstock Blvd. (Online maps are available for getting to Reed and for the Campus).

2018-19 Schedule


4:15 in Biology B-19 (unless otherwise noted).
Directions to Reed.

Aug 30Senior Meeting
Chemistry Faculty, Reed College
Sept 6Student Summer Research Presentations
Sept 13Student Summer Research Presentations
Sept 20"The Tale of the Temporary Hoosier: A Sabbatical Lecture"
Kelly Chacón, Ph.D., Reed College
Oct 4"Evidence-Based Approaches to Curriculum Reform and Assessment"
Melanie Cooper, Ph.D., Michigan State University
Oct 11“A Novel RNA Polymerase Underlies the Pathogenicity of Francisella Tularensis”
Richard Brennan, Ph.D., Duke University
Oct 25"Design, Synthesis, and Characterization of NiSOD Synthetic Analogues Containing N3S2 Donor Set: Factors that Influence Ni Redox"
Phan Truong, Ph.D., Reed College
Nov 1"Studying HgcA and HgcB, Two Proteins Involved in Methylmercury Biosynthesis"
Katherine Rush, Ph.D., Reed College
Nov 8TBA


4:15 in Biology B-19 (unless otherwise noted).
Directions to Reed.

Jan 31Chemistry Junior Qual & Summer Research Meeting
Chemistry Faculty
Feb 7
Location: Winch
Chemistry Community Listening Session
Reed College ACS Student Chapter
Feb 21“Forensic Laboratory – Challenges and Opportunities”
Thomas Barnes, Oregon State Police - Portland Metro Forensic Laboratory
Feb 28“Bio-inspired Metal Chemistry: How to Move Electrons and Protons”
Phan Truong, Ph.D., Reed College
Mar 8
Time: 12:00 PM
"Conformational Dynamics of Membrane Proteins: Dancing at the Intersection of Chemistry, Physics and Biology"
Shivani Ahuja, Ph.D.
Mar 21“Adventures in Biophysics Guided by NMR Spectroscopy”
Peter Flynn, Ph.D., University of Utah
Apr 4Senior Research Presentations
Apr 11Senior Research Presentations
Apr 18Senior Research Presentations
Apr 25Senior Research Presentations