Conference & Events Planning

Photography Policy

Reed's beautiful campus inspires amateur and professional photographers alike. Please consult the guidelines below regarding photography and filming on campus, especially if you plan to use your images for commercial purposes. Conference & events planning can answer any questions you have about the guidelines.

Filming & Photography on Campus

Film and photo shoots may take place during academic breaks and summer months only. Rental fees, approval from the college, and a two million dollar insurance policy are required for all film and photography shoots on campus. Contact conference & events planning for more information or to schedule a site visit. 

Film Shoots

Timeline Policy

  • Must receive script and filming request for PRIOR to initial film scout. CEP may consult with director of public affairs to make sure script is appropriate and won’t reflect negatively on the college.
  • Must receive request 15 days in advance of load-in date. This gives CEP time to vet the request to the committee, schedule staffing, and meet with internal departments. Once the committee gives approval, the request is sent to the vice presidents and president.

Policies & Guidelines for Film Shoots

All film shoots must be approved by the Campus Film Shoot Committee. The committee comprises members from each of the following offices:
  • conference & events planning
  • public affairs
  • physical plant
  • community safety
  • student activities (if needing extras)
  • residence life (if using dorms)
  • Bon Appétit
  • audio/visual
  • academic departments (depending on building usage)
Conference & events planning may contract outside of the department for a site coordinator and charge the film company for the cost incurred.

Approved Filming Locations

  • Exterior locations: cannot close any paths, including bridges. If filming needs to take place, film crew must have PAs “pulse” traffic across bridge during breaks.
  • Dorm rooms (during summer months only)
  • Dorm social rooms (during academic breaks only)

Approved Locations after 5 p.m. and on Weekends Only (including setup/takedown)

  • science buildings (Psychology, Biology, Chemistry)
  • Eliot Hall, third floor
  • Bon Appétit kitchen
  • Educational technology center

Off-Limits Locations


Flim Shoot Procedures

  • Must have written list of rooms needed to be open to set up lights or cables the day before the shoot. Site manager then will determine by noon which rooms can be used and which ones cannot.
  • Must have map of places for staging equipment (including exterior spaces).


There are no fees for “casual” amateur photography. Amateur photographers do not need to arrange their photo shoots ahead of time but do run the risk of being questioned by community safety. Photographers taking images with the intent to profit (e.g., sell images to the public, publish images in texts, build a portfolio, sell images on the internet, etc.) are not permitted to photograph without paying a fee and must arrange their photo shoots ahead of time by contacting conference & events planning

Commercial Photography Requirements

  • Reed must approve subject matter
  • $2 million liability insurance policy naming Reed College as additional insured
  • Approval by all campus departments involved
  • Catering by Bon Appétit
  • Prepayment of all estimated fees
  • Reed College may ask not to be identified as the site of the photo in any way