Reed College Catalog

A major for those who think of drama as the union of complementary disciplines, this program should appeal to the student interested in playwriting, dramaturgy, and performance, as well as to those who intend to write literary criticism with an emphasis on dramatic literature.

Requirements for the Major

  1. Humanities 220, or two units from Humanities 211, 212, 231, and 232 (may be used to fulfill Group II).
  2. Proficiency in a foreign language at the second-year level.
  3. Five units of literature, two of which must be nondramatic literature, two of which must be dramatic literature (including one unit of Shakespeare) and one of which must be a 300-level literature course in a department other than English.
  4. Junior seminar in the Department of Theatre or any department in the Division of Literature and Languages.
  5. Five units of theatre, including Theatre 201, 202, 204 or 205, and 302, and one course in theatre history.
  6. Junior qualifying examination.
  7. Literature–Theatre 470 (thesis).

Recommended: Students considering a proposal of a senior thesis with a directing component are encouraged to enroll in Theatre 331.

Junior Qualifying Examination/Thesis
Students electing a major in literature–theatre are examined by the two departments in the second semester of the junior year. On the basis of this review, it will be determined whether a student will be admitted to senior standing and may undertake a research-centered thesis project or a project that integrates research with production. Performance on the exam as well as coursework in the major will affect the nature and scope of the thesis project. Students have undertaken production projects in playwriting, directing, acting, design, and dramaturgy.