Reed College Catalog

Dena H. Hutto
Norman F. Carrigg College Librarian
BA 1982 University of Missouri, Columbia. MLIS 1988 University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Reed College 1996–.

Xan E. Arch
Collection Development Librarian
BA 1999, MA 2000 Stanford University. MLIS 2007 San Jose State University. Reed College 2010–.

Angie Beiriger
Digital Assets Librarian
BJ 1992 University of Nebraska, Lincoln. MLIS 2006 Emporia State University. Reed College 2012–.

Marcia M. Blanchi
Catalog Librarian
BA 1973 San Jose State University. MLIS 1979 University of California, Berkeley. Reed College 1996–.

Erin C. Conor
Performing Arts Librarian
BM 2004 Oberlin College Conservatory of Music. MA 2006, MLIS 2008 University of Washington. Reed College 2009–.

Jim H. Holmes
Technology and Media Resources Librarian
BA 1994 Columbia College. MLS 2010 Emporia State University. Reed College 2011–.

Linda B. Maddux
Science Librarian
BA 1989 Mississippi State University. MLS 1992 University of Alabama. Reed College 2002–.

Joe J. Márquez
Web Services Librarian
BA 1993 University of Colorado. MLIS 2005 University of Washington. Reed College 2012–.

Jennie L. McKee
Access Services Librarian
BS 1972 Portland State University. MLS 1978 University of Oregon. Reed College 1980–.

Gay Walker
Special Collections Librarian
BA 1969 Reed College. MSLS 1972 Simmons College. MALS 1979 Wesleyan University. Reed College 2002–.