Reed College Catalog

Reed offers a number of exchange programs for students interested in off-campus study, both foreign and domestic. Students who are interested in these programs are encouraged to meet with their faculty adviser and the off-campus program director to develop a study plan. Students in good academic standing who are approved by the facultyfor participation in these programs are able to use their financial aid and are registered as regular students at the college. Residence in Reed-approved study-abroad programs does not count toward the college’s two-year residence requirement.

International Programs

Germany: University of Munich, year
Reed’s oldest program was established in 1972 with the Universität München, founded in 1472 in Bavaria. Students must have completed two years of college-level German or the equivalent.

Germany: Tübingen University, year or semester
The Universität Tübingen, in Baden Württemberg, exchanges students with Reed for a semester or academic year. Founded in medieval times, Tübingen is recognized for its humanities faculties, particularly in philosophy. Two years of college-level German or the equivalent is required.

Germany: Freie University, year or semester
The Freie Universität Berlin, founded in 1948 and internationally recognized for teaching and research, offers regular university courses taught in German and the vibrant cultural life of the reunited capital of Germany. Students with no German language preparation may take intensive German language courses as well as select courses taught in English on the “FU-BEST” program at the Freie. Students enrolling in regular courses at the university must have completed two years of college-level German or the equivalent.

Russia: ACTR Russian Language Program, year or semester
In cooperation with the American Council of Teachers of Russian, Reed students can spend a semester or year in Moscow, St. Petersburg, or Vladimir, engaged in intensive study of the Russian language.

Russia: Middlebury School in Russia, year or semester
Reed has developed an affiliation with Middlebury College to participate in programs in Irkutsk, Yaroslavl, and Moscow. Students study intensive Russian while participating in extracurricular life in Russian cities.

Russia: National Theatre Institute of Moscow, semester
Reed theatre students have the unique opportunity to study in the heart of Moscow at the world-famous Moscow Art Theatre School, the home of Stanislavsky and Anton Chekhov. Russian language is not required. A full semester of courses in acting, Russian theatre history, movement and voice, design, and Russian language are included in the program.

Russia: Smolny College, year or semester
Smolny College, the liberal arts college of Saint Petersburg State University, offers Reed students with advanced Russian language skills the opportunity to take courses across fields of social sciences, humanities, and the arts with Russian students. Students live either in dormitories or with Russian families.

Hungary: Budapest Semester in Mathematics
Through this program mathematics majors in their junior or senior years may spend a semester in Budapest and study under the tutelage of eminent Hungarian scholar-teachers who are members of the Eotvos University. All courses are taught in English, and classes are held in small groups.

France: Université de Rennes II Haute Bretagne, year
The Université de Rennes II, a comprehensive French university located in Brittany, offers Reed students with university-level French the opportunity to take courses in the social sciences and humanities.

France: Université de Paris, semester or year
Reed students, in cooperation with campuses of the Université de Paris and coordinating associations, can take classes in a diverse array of disciplinary areas including French literature, history, and culture. Students with two or more years of French language at the college level will live with French families and participate in a variety of cultural and artistic events.

Spain: Hamilton College’s Madrid Center, year or semester
Based at the Centro Universitario de Estudios Hispánicos and proximate to affiliate Universidad de San Pablo, this program offers students who have completed two or more years of Spanish language the opportunity to enroll in courses across the fields of arts and humanities while participating in the life of Madrid, Spain’s cultural, intellectual, and geographic center.

Spain: Middlebury School in Spain, year or semester
Under the auspices of Middlebury College, Reed students with two or more years of Spanish language can study in four Spanish universities: Getafe, Logroño, Segovia, and the Universidad Computense de Madrid. In addition to Spanish literature, history, and culture, courses can include work in a variety of other disciplinary areas that complement the Reed academic program.

Spain: CIEE Program in Barcelona, year or semester
Administered by the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE), this program offers Reed students with at least two years of college-level Spanish language the opportunity to take courses at the University of Barcelona or the Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Courses are offered in all disciplines represented in the Reed curriculum and are particularly complementary of work in the arts, literature, and politics.

Greece: College Year in Athens, year or semester
Through this program, Reed students can take advantage of the resources of Athens and of Greece, and expand their knowledge and understanding of Greece's fundamental contribution to the development of Western civilization and of the world of Eastern Orthodox Christianity. The courses explore ancient times to the present in the areas of ancient Greek civilization and East Mediterranean area studies, and represent the disciplines of archaeology, art history, classical languages, cultural anthropology, Greek literature in translation, history, modern Greek language, philosophy, political science, and religious studies.

Italy: Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome (ICCS), semester
The ICCS in Rome, established in 1965, offers courses in Greek and Latin literature, ancient history and archaeology, and ancient art. ICCS also has a center in Sicily that is open to Reed students.

Italy: Florence Center of Syracuse University, year or semester
The Florence Center offers a broad array of courses taught in English in fields including history, literature, political science, fine and studio arts, architecture, and Italian language and culture.

Italy: New York University in Florence, year or semester
Located at La Pietra, a magnificent estate outside the city of Florence, the program offers students an intellectually and culturally rewarding experience centered on coursework in areas including studio art, art history, literature, politics, and the Italian language.

Italy and England: Sarah Lawrence College Foreign Programs in Florence, London, or Oxford

University of Florence, year
Participants in this program take a core seminar that focuses on the history of the city of Florence in addition to regular university courses in disciplines including music, Renaissance literature, and art history. All students enroll in Italian language courses at the appropriate level that begin with an intensive introduction before the university semester begins.

London Theatre Program, year or semester
This program gives students an opportunity to work and study with leading actors and directors from the world of British theatre. Through a combination of classes, tutorials, master classes, and performances, students take part in Britain’s great theatrical tradition.

Oxford University, year
Students can spend an academicyear as associate students at Oxford University. The emphasis on theOxford tutorial, combined with a core seminar, university lectures, and a complete range of social, cultural, and athletic privileges at Wadham College, provides a fully integrated experience.

England: University of East Anglia, year or semester
TheUEA, in Norwich, shares a common educational theme with Reed College inits use of the conference style of instruction. Reed students may enroll in any of the various schools of the university—including the schools of English and American studies, biology, and chemistry—that offer courses across disciplines.

England: University of Nottingham, year or semester
The University of Nottingham, a large comprehensive British university with particular strength in psychology, political theory, economics, biosciences, film studies, and American studies, offers students an opportunity to become fully immersed in the British academic system, live in residence with British students, and participate in all elements of student life in England.

England: Sussex University, year or semester
Sussex University, a short distance from London in Brighton, is a comprehensive university with particular strength in the social sciences.

Ireland: Trinity College–University of Dublin, year or semester
Trinity College, Ireland’s most prestigious university, offers a broad array of academic and extracurricular resources. Reed students accepted for study at Trinity College Dublin will take courses in a variety of disciplines of their choice with primary focus in their major field of study.

Ireland: University College Cork, year or semester
University College Cork, Ireland’s leading research university, offers the opportunity to study a variety of disciplines, with particular strength in Celtic studies and the sciences, and rich offerings in the liberal arts. Students will find a broad international student community on this urban campus in Ireland's second-largest city.

Israel: Hebrew University, year or semester
Students are nominated by Reed to study at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. They may either enroll in regular courses in the university taught in Hebrew or study in the Rothberg School for Overseas Students, where courses are taught in English in the areas of Middle East and Israeli studies and the Hebrew language.

Egypt: American University in Cairo, year or semester
In addition to courses in Arabic language and Middle Eastern politics, history, and religions, the American University in Cairo offers students a broad array of courses in sciences, social sciences, and humanities taught in English.

Morocco: Al Akhawayn University, year or semester
Reed students may study intensive Arabic as well as other courses in areas of arts and humanities taught in English. The university's residential campus is in the community of Ifrane, in the Atlas Mountains.

South Africa: Organization for Tropical Studies, semester
Centered in Kruger National Park, the OTS program in South Africa provides students who have an active interest in biology with a rich experience in field study and research. The academic program consists of four core courses with a concentration on ecology and includes visits to additional sites in South Africa.

China: Reed China Program, year or semester
Reed has affiliations with three Chinese universities—Capital Normal Universityin Beijing, East China Normal University in Shanghai, and Fujian Normal University in Fuzhou—where students can study the Chinese language intensively. Students may also take courses in Chinese calligraphy, Chinese culture, and tai chi.

Argentina: University of Buenos Aires/FLACSO, year or semester
Reed students with at least two years of Spanish have the opportunity to enroll at the Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales (FLACSO) and/or the University of Buenos Aires in areas of Latin American politics, history, and literature as well as other areas in the humanities, arts, and sciences. Program coordination by the Council on International Educational Exchange offers students guidance with academics, housing, and extracurricular opportunities.

Costa Rica: Organization for Tropical Studies, semester
Reed has joined with the Organization for Tropical Studies to offer an integrated, rigorous program in tropical biology that takes place in the ecosystems and cultural context of Costa Rica. Students learn about science by doing science, including extensive fieldwork in the varied field stations of the country. Courses are taught in English.

Costa Rica: University of Costa Rica, year or semester
This program gives students an opportunity to study the Spanish language and the cultures of Latin and Central America and to take courses at the University of Costa Rica in a chosen field. Students studying biology have found interesting courses here taught in English or Spanish in ecology and marine sciences.

Ecuador: Ecuador Program, year or semester
By participating in the program at the University of San Francisco deQuito or the Pontifíca Universidad Católica del Ecuador, Reed students will take regular courses in Spanish with Ecuadorian students in departments including biology, literature, politics, and social sciences. Students will live with Ecuadorian families in Quito. The University of San Francisco also has an environmental and marine sciences program in the Galapagos Islands open to qualified Reed students.

Domestic Exchange

Howard University, semester or year
Howard University is a historically black university in Washington, D.C., with particularly strong offerings in black culture, history, and literature.

Sarah Lawrence College, semester or year
Sarah Lawrence, in New York within a half-hour by train from NewYork City, offers students highly rated courses in fields including women’s studies, African American studies, creative writing, performing arts, and European studies.

Sea Education Association (SEA), semester
At the Sea Education Association (SEA), founded in 1971 at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and affiliated with Boston University, undergraduates may study the ocean from a multitude of academic perspectives. Coursework focuses on maritime studies, nautical science, and oceanography and includes six weeks of applied studies aboard asailing vessel.

Independently Arranged Programs

In addition to the formal programs described above, Reed students are able to participate in a variety of other study programs sponsored by either a foreign university or an American college. Students are encouraged to discuss their study plans with their adviser, as well as the director of off-campus studies, before they leave the college. Although students participating in such programs are required to take a leave of absence from the college and are not able to use Reed financial aid, they can, with careful planning, be assured of having the work apply toward Reed academic requirements.