Reed College Catalog

A program intended to serve the needs of students whose major interests lie in the rich area between applied mathematics and theoretical physics.

Requirements for the Major

  1. Mathematics 111, 112, 211, 212, 322, 331, and two other mathematics courses numbered higher than 310, including at least one of 311 or 321.
  2. Physics 100, 200, 311, 321, 322, 342.
  3. The thesis (Mathematics–Physics 470) must clearly bridge the two fields.

Strongly recommended but not required:

Two from Physics 323, 351, 362, 411, 442.

Recommended but not required: 

  1. Mathematics 332, 411.
  2. Working knowledge of a foreign language: Russian, German, or French.

The student planning to major in mathematics–physics should consult with the head of the committee as early as possible to determine if he or she is qualified and, if so, to plan a program. Both departments must approve the application.