Reed College Canyon

A Study of Cladocera Based on Forms Found in Reed College Lake

author: Maxine Lesseg
advisor: Lawrence Griffin
year: 1933

EXCERPT: Reed College Lake Is small, approximately 600 feet long and 120 feet wide. It is from 4 to 12 feet deep. It was formed by the blocking of a ravine and is supplied by springs. The water is not very clear; it has a pH of approximately 7.8 (April 10, 1933). Cladocera were found from September, when collection began, until April, indicating that food is plentiful. Several kinds of filamentous algae are present: Spirogyra, Zygnema, Cladophora, and Draparnaldia. Of the colonia motile algae, only Synura was common. Other food material would be present in the smaller animal forms, protozoa, et cetera.

Records were kept of the temperature at various time in all types of weather. No definite records of the temperature at the time of collection were kept for most of the collections, though this is desirable.